Translation including quality control (editing and proofreading)
per word in the source text: EUR 0.15 - 0.17 
per line in the source text: EUR 1.20 - EUR 1.36

per word in the source text: EUR 0.05
per line in the source text: EUR 0.40

per word: EUR 0.03
per line: EUR 0.25

Sworn translations

per page: EUR 30.00 plus EUR 15.00 for the certification

(per certified copy; including postage)



Interpreting services are either charged by the hour or as a daily flat rate. Travel costs and allowances are charged seperately. Travelling time over 30 minutes is counted as working time. Hours started will be rounded up to a full hour. Basis for the daily flat rate is an eight-hour interpreting assignment including a one-hour break.

Companies/Translation agencies
For companies and translation agencies working with their own translation memories and termbases we can offer a discount on perfect and context matches as well as repetitions. If you're interested in our Trados discount email us at info@twosteptranslations.de and we'll gladly provide you with further information.