Specialist areas

We have extensive experience with translations in the following specialist areas:



including film and television (IMS Media London), film scripts, dubbing, subtitling (Sub-Ti London) and radio broadcasting


PR and Marketing 

including press releases, trade fairs and exhibitions, journalism


Industry and Technology

including steel industry (Steel Business Briefing London), renewable energy (Bundesverband der BioEnergie e.V.), aerospace industry



including translations for the Directorates-General Research & Innovation, Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Rural Development, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries as well as Enterprise & Industry 


Economics, Trade and Finance

including business reports, HR and economic policy


Certified translations

including certificates, contracts and reports


Send us your text and we will have a look at it to decide whether we can carry out the translation according to your specific needs. It is difficult to set a realistic timeframe and determine the costs for a translation without a source text, which is why we ask you to submit your text first. Once we have seen your document we will immediately get back to you with a realistic deadline and price quote.