Your company’s communications and image are key elements to the organisation's outward appearance. Making sure both target audiences and the internal workforce are happy with your organisation is central to your success. Corporate language plays an important role in achieving these goals. You want to be sure your presentations, press releases, reports, articles, proposals, instructions and other documents are immaculate and create the right effect and are linguistically consistent - every time, all the time.


Our editing service is one variation of language quality control we offer aimed at achieving exactly this.


During this stage (the second in our two steps), we go through your document to make sure that it observes all the conventions of good writing. We check that the syntax is fluent, that the writing adheres to the conventions of grammar, and that the wording is precise and in line with your specific linguistic requirements and that punctuation is correctly placed. We may also do or suggest some reorganising and point out logical inconsistencies.


If you haven't already got a linguistic styleguide for your business (which would form the basis for our editing work), we aim at compiling a tailor-made stylesheet containing your company's overall editorial and linguistic policy.